we are starting a blog

We are starting a Blog!

Let’s get to know Each Other》

-At Hipster’s Wonderland we conduct our work with a creative mindset, bringing out every sense of an extraordinary personality.
Since the beginning we aimed to reach high peaks of common success by establishing friendly relationships with our costumers. We are doing this through the production of unique clothing, one that brings out your senses and presents you to the world in the truest and purest way possible.


The main reason behind this new idea is because we felt like we need to write about our daily perceptions and feelings that are common to all of us creating room for one. So if you feel that you are special and different, we invite you to join our Wonderful Land (Wonderland) for a special and different Blog; A fun, positive but mostly a Magic Blog, where different topics will be addressed, starting from simple ones to galactic ones.

I’m Viola Sahatciu and Welcome to HIPSTER’S WONDERLAND BLOG!