The Importance of dressing with confidence!

The Importance of dressing with confidence!

Hello again friends,
Our theme today has to do with our daily basis. We wake up every day with almost the same routine, brush our teeth, make our bed, and get dressed.
Most of us complain about not having what to wear! And of course something that’s been used for a long time doesn’t make us feel good or sexy.
We need new things every day of our life to keep us satisfied, but not all of us have rich dads or spouses, so we are stuck with the same shirt and jeans for a year or so.
Confidence is a subject that you can talk too much about and understand so little about it. First of all, we all know that confidence comes from inside, but where is that inside you may ask, where to find it?! Duh our brain😋 Believe me it’s more complicated than that.
Confidence depends in your genes and the environment you live in.
If your mum or dad is a confident Woman/Man, of course you’ve got something from their character, if you are the first child of your family it is so known psychologically that you most likely are going to be more confident than your other siblings (not saying that second or third may not be, only speaking scientific facts). So some have it, some don’t!
That doesn’t mean you can’t change what your genes and environment served you.
There are some tips I can give you, but of course it’s not going to happen over night, you got to be patient and have a deep desire about it.

1. Get yourself a notebook
(kind of a diary)

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A diary that you use everyday to write about everything that you feel proud of, one that lets you remind yourself that you have some good things in you (I mean come on everybody has something good in them, some just don’t show it much, and the ones that show it too much hide their flaws, so please don’t believe that someone looking perfect in the IG is actually perfect in the highest sense).
Remember our brain has two minds, the one that does the thinking and the one that observes in silence, you should also note that the latter is there when big decisions happen to remind what you truly think of yourself.

2. Your Body is your Home

You can always change your house, you can never change the body you live in , so that’s why I call it Home. Find your time to work out, think of your body as your home.
If you take care by cleaning and maintaining your house, than obviously you need to take time to care for your real home, your own being.
Remember 3 days of exercise per week are more than enough for you, don’t forget to eat well before and after you work out That’s your fuel for your energy.

3. Meditate, pray or think with an open mind

I never thought one of these would really affect my thinking before I tried it (I personally meditate once a day)
Thoughts like “Why is this important to do, how is this going to affect my feelings, and is it worth my time” had struck my mind before.
However, after trying meditation, it really changed the importance of personal vs external things, and it gave me more space to take care of things that really matter.

4. Find your body shape style

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This is probably the most important thing considering that each of us belong to a different body shape, skin color, and some are taller while some are shorter.
These characteristics play a big part if we are going to look good in our clothes or not.
I personally am an average size (shortish) person (5′4″) and I always try to avoid wearing things that make me look shorter, or things that don’t define my belly.
So everyone must know their stature and find their best fit. Also style comes from your inner self, if you are more introverted or extroverted, you want to show more, or you want to show less, but the similarity is that we all want to feel good.

5. Find your colors

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As I said earlier , your skin color and tone define your best fit clothes in terms of their own color as well.
If you are more at the cold tones you don’t want to wear warm color clothes and vice-versa, otherwise we look pale or too orange-ish.
There are three main skin tones –Cold -neutral -warm.

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6. Just Wear whatever you want
(your soul style)

LOL, just wear whatever makes you happy.
I’m not here to tell you what you should or should not wear, but if someone is struggling to find their personal style and feel confident wearing it these are some tips that could help you.

Hope you enjoyed this post God bless you, and Happy New Year.🌹