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Live to Travel and Travel to Live

Ok, I get it, everyone likes to travel, but also everyone travels for different reasons.

Some of us travel to see other countries, some travel to meet other people, some seek changes within their life by moving from one place to another, and some travel just to feed their soul.

Travelling is the best way to get educated as a human. In schools we learn about history and geography and we are somehow pushed to create generalized stereotypes and ideas for other countries based only on schoolbooks. Therefore, we must be more curious, whatever you read, whatever someone tells you, GO see it for yourself. And that’s the only way to understand what’s going on with the world.

Another reason to travel is the need to feed the curiosity for this big world. We only live in one place, and this is like reading one page of a book and saying I know the rest of the story. We’ve been blessed with a home called Earth, probably nobody should tell you that there are so many places on Earth when actually there’s just one, and it all belongs to us. Unfortunately, this is just a fantasy and you have to think like John Lennon or at least listen to his song imagine, in order to believe it a little. Again, it is unfortunate that people are handcuffing themselves in big chains when they are more free than their mind can cope.

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Enough with philosophy and deep talks, let’s see what travelling really is.

There are three different kinds of people who travel, based on special characteristics: A Tourist, a Traveler and a Wanderlust

Tourist: a tourist travels mostly on different cities, takes pictures of him/herself, finds him/herself in touristic places and sometimes unknowingly eats expensive food. One hidden characteristic about tourists which I see a lot is when some people on social media post a picture of themselves near a monument and write down the caption “wanderlust” when they actually went there with a plane, planned the whole trip and knew before going there that they are going to post that picture at that monument. So no, that doesn’t mean that he/she is a wanderlust, that’s a tourist being a tourist. 

Traveler : A traveler travels to understand different cultures, to taste different kind of food, and to meet all kinds of people. They do what locals do, eat the kind of food they eat and visit local’s restaurants and cafes etc.

Wanderlust: a wanderlust might get mistaken for a traveler, and of course they have some similarity (knowing cultures, food and people) but the difference between them is that the wanderlust wanders, and a traveler travels. So to wander it means that the road takes you where it wants, and to travel somehow means that you tell the road where to take you. In other words, by wandering you just leave the house and find yourself in different places. While on the other hand by travelling you plan the trip and know exactly where you’re going.

None of the above are wrong, the three of them help you grow and establish yourself (I don’t prefer to use the word find), it depends on the way you are and what you seek to achieve by travelling. The one thing they all have in common, is that you go somewhere and it changes you, you keep something with yourself forever and what’s more important you hopefully leave something good behind.

Last but not least, we all grow old and all the decisions we make now will affect our future, we get so occupied thinking about what we should have done better, and forget that today is the future of yesterday and tomorrow will be the present and yet again today will be the past. So whatever you do today affects your past present and future. So live your life by enjoying every moment of it, and also remember that

“Life is a Climb but the view is Great”.

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I know some of you may say travelling is expensive, and yeah unfortunately it’s not free, but when you know your priorities in life you’ll understand that travelling is more important than your extension lashes, nails, or hair (for girls) and more important than cars, expensive shoes, gold-diggers (for guys). I’m not against material things, but I think that they should not be considered as a priority, never, ever.

In that way I met people who worked 5 days a week just to travel two days on weekends and I swear I was so jealous till I started doing it myself.

Comments are more than welcome here, share your travel story or opinion with us

That was my perspective for travelling. God bless you all!

Hope you find some information that inspires you to travel more.